Jeshu John lives in the port city of Kochi at the southern tip of India, where many fascinating legends still echoes with the history of the nations. As an artist of serene nature, with his inborn passionate prudence and keen eyes for details he blends talent with experiences to create alluring art and designs. After polishing his numinous curios in fine arts from Indian School of Arts in 1997, he joined in the advertising industry. With the change of time he moved into the arena of modern Information Technology and gained sixteen years of experience as head of creative and multimedia from a reputed IT firm.

Since 2016 he skilfully pursue his keen desires to be an entrepreneur and full time artist exploring new horizons of various styles of paintings. Soon he joined as a partner in a thriving design studio called Corporate Designers. His wife Rita being the co-partner of the firm, he currently leads the creative design & development team.

Few of his other personal projects are - a free photography site, - a list of informative websites, and - a tourism website for Kochi.